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    Apple Managers Didn't Know How Spotify Worked, Engineers Used Pandora Over iTunes Radio - Mac Rumors

    It make so much more sense now why iTunes radio sucks.

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    2Do: A Stunning ToDo List with Push and Sync Review (by minusthesink)

    Best App for Getting Things Done philosophy


    Very Intuitive

    Pretty fast way to assign tasks

    The best way to manage complex tasks


    Easy to share tasks

    Useful quick actions

    Easy to reassign tasks, defer tasks, and change tasks into projects or checklists.

    Integrates with ToodleDo and iCloud.


    Occasionally syncing creates an opportunity for the app to lose data

    Ideally reminders would feed 2Do or set as the default destination for reminders

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    Artist Giuseppe Penone carefully removes the rings of growth to reveal the ‘sapling within’. By carving out the inside of a tree trunk and leaving the knots in place, they eventually emerge as tiny limbs.

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    Policies for a Shareable City


    Policies for a Shareable City: A 20-Part Series with the Sustainable Economies Law Center

    1. Car Sharing and Parking Sharing
    2. Ride Sharing
    3. Bike Sharing
    4. Shareable Commercial Spaces
    5. Shareable Housing
    6. Homes as Sharing Hubs
    7. Shareable Neighborhoods
    8. Shareable Workspaces
    9. Recreational and Green Spaces
    10. Shareable Rooftops
    11. Urban Agriculture
    12. Food Sharing
    13. Public Libraries
    14. The Shareable City Employee
    15. Worry-Free Sharing
    16. Cooperative Enterprise
    17. Shareable Exchange and Financial Platforms
    18. Democracy and Decision-Making
    19. Making Sharing Part of the Culture of the City
    20. Energy
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    (via The economics of Google Fiber and what it means for U.S. broadband — Tech News and Analysis)
Hopefully this the internet line will start to look more like the computing and storage line. 

    (via The economics of Google Fiber and what it means for U.S. broadband — Tech News and Analysis)

    Hopefully this the internet line will start to look more like the computing and storage line. 

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    The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal - Fortune Features

    Imperfect as the government may be, they did not intentionally give guns to Mexican drug cartels. Anyone who says so is a liar trying to distract you.

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    What do you want Siri, Google Now, and other digital personal assistants to learn over the next year or two? | The Verge Forums
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    2Do iPhone App Review (by iEnthusiast)

    Best Task Manager:

    The ability to set recurrences, create projects, share tasks, and many other features. If Apple were smart they would buy this app and role it into reminders because its almost perfect. Right now the only draw back is that it isn’t linked to Siri, but hopefully that will change in iOS 6. In comparison to other apps like Omnifocus, Reminders and Remember the Milk, it is a perfect balance of plenty of options without bogging you down in minutia. I also like that you can sync and back up to multiple services.

    So far there are 2 weaknesses

    1. Not directly integrated with Siri

    2. I would like to see a feature that helps me figure out how long it would take for me to do all the items on my todo lists, especially the today tab.

    There is also Any.Do which looks promising but so far this is the best app.

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    Another reason why I want Apple to allow for choosing a default browser on iOS
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    CO-RIDE open innovation (by TATMobileUI)

    A recent Freakonomics podcast got me thinking whatever happened to Co-ride. 


    The best point is that 80% of space in America’s cars goes unused. It really wouldn’t be that hard to bring back hitchhiking in a big way with a good social network and smartphones. All you have to do is create an ebay style market where users have a feedback mechanism and vetting process with photos so you know who to pick up, a Co-ride like app to facilitate the market for the users, to create a payment system so that people with cars have a little incentive to pick up riders when they can, and to maximize the usefulness make the system smart enough to find all trips that would get you closer to your destination and utilize them to minimize your travel time. If you look at the video, but envision using more than one ride to get where you are going, you’ll see how simple of an experience it could be.

    When I was looking at other posts on the original page one of the women brought up that women are often harrassed, but that can be discouraged by a feedback mechanism, especially one that includes a person’s face and a permanent record of the transaction. Even now, hitchhiking is a basically a black market but the technology exists to make safer and more mutually beneficial than ever. 

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OMG i’m dying lol



    I AM…

    OMG i’m dying lol

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    I hate it when a car, that would otherwise be a great car loses all their cool points. These are a couple pieces of good design in simple cars that are too often mishandled with other cars.

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    via i.imgur.com
Sounds about right

    via i.imgur.com

    Sounds about right

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